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LPG Boiler Services

The Lakes has thousands of holiday homes and caravans, all using LPG gas. Based in Workington, Lakeland Gas are able to install and service LPG gas equipment anywhere from Whitehaven to Cockermouth and Keswick. Whether it's LPG gas testing caravans or servicing your LPG fire, we can get the job done. To find out more about our LPG boiler services, call now.

Looking after your LPG boiler

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) boilers are most commonly found in places where a traditional gas supply is not available, including caravans and holiday homes. They require an external fuel storage tank and should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that they're safe. To book a service, organise repairs or arrange installation, talk to Lakeland Gas.

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How much is an LPG boiler?

Although prices will vary based on make and model, you can generally find LPG boilers installed from around £1400 plus VAT upwards. It's worth bearing in mind that you will need an LPG tank or cylinders.

Is an LPG boiler worth it?

If you are off grid, you have a choice of LPG, Oil or electric when choosing a boiler (Renewables also an option). LPG boilers, in our opinion, are the best option, given the price point, what you get for your money, efficiencies, and aftercare. Also, if you upgrade your old LPG boiler to an A-rated condensing model, it could actually reduce your running costs. If you're thinking of installing a new one or upgrading, one of our heating engineers would be happy to give you a quote. 

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Let Lakeland look after your LPG boiler

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