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Installing Radiator


Powerflushing is a quick and cost effective way to remove sludge and build up from your central heating system. Contact Lakeland Gas for a quote. Based in Workington, we cover Egremont, St Bees, Seascale and Gosforth.

How does powerflushing work?

Over time, sludge, rust and limescale can build up in your central heating system, causing cold spots on radiators and reducing your heating's efficiency. Our power flushing units send water through your system at high speed, clearing out build up to help your system work better. If you think there could be an issue, give us a call. 

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Signs your system needs flushing

  • Cold spots on radiators or only having a hot strip along the top

  • Poor circulation, especially in a system that used to work well

  • Magnets attach to copper pipes (this shows that there is iron sludge inside it)

As soon as you see the signs, give us a call. Our domestic and commercial central heating engineers cover Egremont, St Bees, Seascale and Gosforth.

Will powerflushing fix my heating?

Powerflushing can improve the efficiency of your system, however it can't repair broken parts or pipework. If this is the case, it could end being more cost effective to replace your boiler and radiators rather than try and improve a domestic or commercial system that's already falling short. Let Lakeland Gas take a look and we'll let you know what your options are.

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Powerflushing could help your heating

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